Saturday, December 5, 2015

12/5 Dark Secret by Michelle Escamilla

DARK SECRET, a Paranormal Romance by Michelle Escamilla, is now available for purchase through Limitless Publishing! This is the first installment in the Dark Spell Series and it's available on Kindle Unlimited!

Emma Blackwood’s life is the epitome of ordinary—but that’s all about to change… 

She left her dull hometown for college in the city, though now that college is over, Emma has fallen back into the same old routine. But when she meets a gorgeous, dark-eyed stranger during a night on the town, the world as she knows it tips off its axis. One touch of his hand awakens something inside her, and Emma immediately knows her life will never be normal again. 

Nothing about Micah Oliver’s world has ever been mundane… 

A warlock raised by a powerful witch, Micah has the ability to sense others like him. Meeting beautiful, brunette Emma was supposed to be a blessing for him, someone who would truly understand his way of life. But as he helps her to understand and control her growing magical powers, he’s torn between his attraction to her and the other job he’s expected to do. 

Emma doesn’t know her history or her future, and Micah has the answers—but some of 
them could be deadly. 

Emma must master her powers if she hopes to survive, because Micah is hiding a… 
Dark Secret.


"I don't know what secrets you want to know," she moaned. 

"I saw what you did at the coffee shop, the thunder, it's not just a coincidence. I know your secrets, Emma. But you need to tell me what you know."

"I don't know!" 

"Emma, I want to be with you. We can be amazing together, but you have to admit what you are." 

"What am I?" she moaned. 

"A witch."

Michelle Escamilla is a married mom of two. She began writing just to pass the time, waiting for one of her favorite authors to release her upcoming book, but soon found a new passion. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her kids, husband or family. She lives in Colorado, where she loves the Mountains during the summer months for hiking and would love to be on a beach during the winter months.

Review by Maria
3.5 Stars
Emma is bored in her life and wishes for something more, but when she suddenly gets her wish will she wish things were boring once again?

Emma is one to just kinda go with the flow of life, she may want things to be different but she doesn't really do much to change things. She is comfortable with herself and who she is and when life throws her a twist she accepts it and works to learn more.

Micah is dark and mysterious and the sparks between them fly! The two quickly become something more before secrets work to destroy them. Can they find their way through and still be together or will the lies be too much?

This is book 1 in a series and it does end in a bit of a cliffhanger. The story was fast paced, sometimes going a bit too fast and I was left wondering about the in-between bits that were skipped over. You get your fair share of questions as you go along with Emma as she works to learn about herself, but more of them do get answered throughout the story.

Emma was a bit of a weak character at the beginning overlooking things just because she didn't want to deal with them, but as the story went on you definitely see her grow.

Interesting story overall and I'm definitely curious to see where things go!

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